Team Building and Incentive Travel has NEVER Been this Fun

At Competitours, we specialize in sight-DOING experiences. From half-day team building events to weeklong President's Club trips, we pride ourselves in unlocking hidden potential, discovering the joys of teamwork, and learning how to thrive in unique or even uncomfortable situations. We love to think outside the box, and never stop pushing ourselves (and our clients) gently outside our collective comfort zones.

Beyond Ordinary Team-Building

Too often, industry events, sales meetings, and department/cohort get-togethers are sprinkled with "forced fun" that inevitably fails to produce the desired results. We are here to change that, and to deliver the essentials: organic fun, cohesion, and an ability to grow (both individually and as a team) in the areas of communication, accountability, management, and the like.

Our customized corporate offerings will help unlock the magic within your organizational structure, regardless of the current dynamic. We can create programs for high-energy, physical and competitive teams, just as easily as we can create programs for those that prefer a more low-key, low-impact experience. There are no limits to what we can do - we are limited only by your (or our) imagination!

Perfect for those seeking a fun and unconventional corporate experience.

Explore Our Range of Services


Competitours is redefining team building. Are you looking to add just a bit of excitement to your next training session or regional sales meeting? Our half-day events are the perfect way to inject a little fun into an otherwise "heavy" day. This isn't team building 2.0. No way - this is more like team building 48.2! No matter where you are in the country, or in the world – that's right, we're international! – our staff will be fully prepared to hit the ground running. We work around your schedule to ensure full maximization of our time together, while being respectful and understanding of the real reason for these gatherings.


If you're coming together for a more substantial meeting or conference, perhaps you'd like to offer your staff a bit more in the way of team building (and fun). Here we'll ensure at least two separate events for your group. Each will focus on a different set of skills, while also mixing up the teams whenever possible. Beyond our goal of delivering real results, we're all about efficiency and peace of mind. From transportation and setup, to food (if required) and equipment, we handle 100% of the logistics. Whether it means coordinating with your facility's site staff, or having our local vendor partners take the lead, you can breathe more easily knowing that Competitours handles it all.


For a more immersive experience, our team building intensives are ideal. These comprehensive, 3-5 day adventures allow us, and your group, to delve deeply into what team building really means, while not losing sight of the infinite fun at hand. We'll move beyond a single location and take part in multiple daily challenges, as the "work" of teambuilding will be nearly invisible to the participants. These team-focused excursions will, however, uncover your team's inner spirit, increase communication, and strengthen problem-solving abilities.


While most of our trips are designed around the teambuilding mission, our incentive trips and retreats focus instead on excitement, fun, and a pinch of adventure. Perfect for President's Club winners or small forum cohorts, these fully custom trips can take place in Europe, the United States, or Latin America. Our goal here is to offer participants a true sight-DOING and hands-on experience, far beyond what is offered at any all-inclusive resort, cruise or golf club.

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